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I wonder if anyone can point me to (or make an educated guess) on the user statistics of Gramps. How many people use it on a regular basis, say a couple of times per month? Or does anyone have figures of the installed base? I’m looking at ways to increase the use of Gramps in my country (Sweden).

Closest is this Gramps Downloads (since: 2001/04/21)

brief reddit discussion:

Thanks for the pointer! Are there any page statistics for the wiki pages collected? I assume the “intro page” shown at fresh startup is in the code and not in the wiki?

Pondering the download figures, would a rough guesstimate be that there are around 150 000 active Gramps users (by “active” I mean using Gramps more than, let’s say, two times a month) worldwide?

SourceForce+github downloads divided by 20 years and then some keeping over the years + other sources…(very ruff :wink:)

Intuitively, that number feels large… :thinking:

If you want to know current active ones rather than users that was active 8 years ago but arent now, you can really ignore the older numbers.

Also, I personally think Geneaology for quite a few people are a thing that you may do now and then for some months or a year then stop for a while and then pick it up again later, but that is just a guess.

I am guessing if you are looking at active users the last year or two, is probably quite a bit lower than that, I am guessing more like 50k, (may be less) but if you look for numbers of users active at some point, like include people that was active user at some point but stopped, then it would have been more.

Remember that quite a bit of active users will not download every update. But there will also probably be quite a bit of people that download Gramps, and then try it out and then not end up becomming an active user, so it is hard to try to guess active users based on download numbers alone.


Estimating a concrete number is difficult, since nobody tracks the activity and download numbers have no information about useage. I’d guess ~30% of the downloads being monthly active users or more active.

Thank you all for the good points and pointers so far. There is definitely a lot to think about how you define “active user” which will affect the assessment. In the very good book “How to Measure Anything”, author Douglas Hubbard give the advice to always start with thinking about what you are going to use the number for once you know it. I may have to revisit that.

So, for now, I’m quite satisfied that a reasonable number is somewhere in the region of ~ 50K, not 10K or 300K. Thanks again!

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