Gramps Wiki and page statistics

It seems from the page source that Gramps wiki has statistics collected from Google Analytics. If so, is this statistics available somewhere? It would be useful to steer work on translation if you can see how often/if some pages are read.

Contact the current webmaster directly

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Found a decade old thread about analytics. Looking for anything newer.

I have written to the webmaster as recommended. Usually someone has a Google account and access to the Google Analytics site.

It seems Gramps Wiki is using the extension “Google Analytics Integration” (version 3.0.1).

Btw: Gramps-project seems to be on MediaWiki version 1.31.3. This version will go end-of-life in Sep 2021 to what I can see on MediaWikis pages. Latest version is 1.36. I would be happy to try to help if an upgrade is in planned.

Contact the webmaster directly.

Looking at @Sam888’s (current webmaster) page looks like he is planing to install the 1.35.x LTS series of Mediawiki and his attempts to upgrade have failed due to technical issues with the Mediawiki install see here and here(last message in discussion) which shows he

is considering installing a new copy of Mediawiki and manually ( or programmatically ) copying over all the existing content,

Is this still true @sam888 ?

Still wondering about this, do anyone have a tip on how to find the answer?

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