Generated web (html) pages are missing a meta name="description" tag

Reason for mentioning this: Bing’s web crawler seems to treat this as a hard requirement before considering indexing generated pages. Google will happily consider indexing at least some pages.

Could we start a discussion about which useful / meaningful descriptions could be added to each category of generated page?


That’s probably a good indicator that M$ is shooting Bing in the foot.

Oooh… let’s give the marketing teams absolute control in telling people how important their content is instead of letting data speak for itself.

Nobody cares or nobody’s interested in helping improve the generated website metadata?

There is a good argument that this would not be an improvement. In fact, it seems counterproductive.

The Bing search engine has been consistently failing to gain significant market share since it was introduced. As of February 2023, the worldwide search engine market share of Bing is down to 2.81%.

Unfortunately if you don’t get your site into Bing, you also don’t get your site into DuckDuckGo, so I consider this anything but counterproductive.

Do you have any suggestions for the content of the metadata?

It would be fairly easy to add.

Adding the container is easy.

But the categories in the description strings are a huge can of worms. Managing it is like the Citations and the Photo metadata. Selecting categories and terms is a unending commitment.