Which Metadata items are important enough to consider adding to images etc?

About a year or two ago FHMWG started a GitHub project, blog and a FB page, but very little progress seems to have been made since. At least nothing much has been made public.

As I am very much interested in the topic, I would like to open a discussion here to try and get a better handle on which of the 20,000+ metadata tags available, carry enough information of interest to Gramps users.
The original metadata Gramplet seemed to focus on the very basic EXIF metadata, much of which is read-only and provides very few tags which can be used to add (for our purposes) useful information.

My own efforts have focused only on displaying whatever might be part of the images and other documents right now.

Adding, editing and updating of this data within Gramps itself has been discussed and seems of interest, but … there are (in my view, at least) a good number of issues to be resolved before we can worry about adding such a feature to Gramps.

The most pressing IMO, is deciding which tags to consider, because adding editing features will require time and testing and testing with data types and formats which are unimportant would be a waste of time.

A second important topic will be to consider how any of these changes can be ported to a Windows environment since I understand that Windows users are an important enough part of Gramps users. FWIW, I myself am using Gramps on WIndows.

A third, and more distant consideration will be how these changes will affect any move to wards a more cooperative model - such as, for instance, the web API

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EXIF is not very flexible, nor useful outside of pure photography interests.
I find IPTC much more powerful. (And btw it is supported by Irfanview).

As I understand things, there can be some important information in EXIF, such as GPS in the EXIF section

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