Image Metadata display

Just installed Gramps 5.1.4 for Windows, though I have been using it off and on for quite some time and am still subscribed to the old sourceforge mailing list. A recent announcement about the developer for gexiv2 wishing to step down caught my eye. Not that I want to step in as a replacement - my experience with Gtk & github, Python etc is way too limited to take on something like that, but …
It got me curious about the plugin mentioned Exitexifmetadata , which seems to have fallen by the wayside.
There seems to be limited display of media metadata in 5.1.4, presumably via gexiv2, and I am curious if there is any way to customize or add to the data displayed in the metadata tab.

In particular, I am more interested in XMP or IPTC data describing the content of the image, rather than merely data about the size & data of the image.
As part of my posting here I have found an earlier thread and will have to have a closer look at the thread later, since that thread is closed.
I am not so much interested in editing, though it might be nice to fix typos and other such ‘small issues’, but it would be very helpful if one could at least review the data.

As well, I am curious if anyone has suggestions as to which tags are useful or which to avoid.

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