Adding new Sources/Citations in bulk

HI All,

I have a large number of directories that contain pictures that I want to associate with the various people in my tree. At this point, I think that all of the pictures have the EXIF data modified to include the names of the people in the picture.

I know perl, so I’m comfortable writing a script to scan the tree and create a list of pictures in each director, where a directory would be a single source… Think of it as a roll of film… Each file in the directory would be a single picture… but they could be pictures of documents or people or even short movies.

Does anyone have an idea how to approach this? CSV or GEDCOM or ??? Is there any limit on the number of pictures that can be listed in a Gallery? If it’s CSV, what would be the structure of the file? I guess that Ideally, I would be creating Sources and Citations together.

As a step 2, I can extract the names of the people from the pictures. I can extract the the person number from Gramps. Is there a way to upload the association of the picture to the person?



You could write a tool to read a directory structure and create sources, citations and media. We already have a gramplet that can read EXIF data.

HI Nick,

I’m overthinking what I need to do. I continued to play with Gramps and read more about doing sourcing/citations. I finally figured out that I don’t need to add data at every level. I just need to add enough data to build a reference path and that the only place the actual picture needs to go in in the Gallery at the level where I want it displayed. Sorry, this is a teething problem where I’m having to learn a new tool and I’m falling into each and every self inflicted pot hole along the way.

I’ll trying to test the EXIF internal tool shortly. I’ve found out today that the only cmd line tool that reads the info that I need is exiftool. The data isn’t really EXIF per say, it appears to be XMP.


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