Photo Tagging in Gramps & More

After looking over some of the other plugins related to metadata, and more specifically the Photo Tagging gramplet and then some searching for where the relevant tagging data might typically be saved, I came across the opinions at All About Digital Photos - Face Tags or Facial Tagging and, as they seemed rather relevant, I thought I’d ask for opinions fro the Gramps users.

Either way, I see a problem for the Windows AIO package because it seems implementing anything using OpenCV API will be a problem - at least that is my reading of the comments regarding the Photo Tagging gramplet implementation under Windows.
See: 0010913: Face detection in Photo Tagging Gramplet (Does NOT work in the[Microsoft Windows] AIO bundle(s)) - Gramps - Bugtracker – Free Genealogy Software
required cv2 (OpenCV) and numpy prerequisites would approximately triple the size of the AIO download and installation.

But … this raises another question for me. Just looking at my “Program Files” directory and inspecting the reported directory size, I get
GrampsAIO64-5.1.5 126 MB 3x = 376 MB
Powershell 257 MB
Google Chrome 592 MB
LibreOffice -default full 647 MB
GIMP2 1.12 GB
MSVC 2019 9.16 GB

I never gave installing MSVC 2019 a second thought.
The PC it is installed on has more the 4 TB in disk space, so perhaps tripling Gramps’ space would be very reasonable, considering the alternative option and the resulting benefits.

That said, I understand a little of the work and effort needed to come up with a new package, as a few years back, in the Gramps 3.xx(?? a long time ago) time I did occasionally build the AIO package. At that time it was a fixed recipe. Now that recipe would, of course, have to be tweaked.

Then again, would a VM box & appliance be easier???

Or … ???

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