Narrative Web - missing places

Actually, when generating narrative Web i realized, that places are missing in a reproducable way. I have no glu what are the circumstances this occurs. Places msiing in narrative web are generated in danamic web completely.

Any Ideas about reason ? What are the conditions a place is generated or not ? I did not write a bug report so far.

I am using GrampsAIO64-5.1.3-2 with windows 10

Do you generate the narrative web for all data or with a filter ?

I generate for full database - no filters at all

I don’t know how the dynamicweb works.
Are these missing places associated with events ?
All objects without relations are not selected for the narrative web.

Actually I found the reason for the behaviour. Actually only places with an event are generated in places. Places Enclosing any other place, but without reference are not generated. When looking at the enclosed place the enclosing place is visable, but is no link. This behaviour is differnt to danamic web and I could not find any option like with media which allows to generate also unused media. See example

I would like to enrich e.g. City-Places with links zu Wikidata/Wikipedia, Links to historic Maps, … and allow the viewer to go up from a place enclosed by such city to access this information. Any idea how to do this or how to solve my idea in a better way ? Or should narrative web generate places not referenced as well (unconditionally or as option)?

All objects must be referenced to be included in the report.
Difficult to do. The way the narrative web works has been modified after several bug request with pages not found.

This report has Three phases:
1 - module initialisation
2 - reading all filtered people collecting all objects related to those persons.
3 - generating all pages depending on the collected objects.

I’ll look at if this is possible.

Shouldnt a place being enclosed by another place, be enough to count as being referenced?

Thank for fast responses - the bevaiour is well defined and I understand now, even though different for dynamic web.
I explain in more detail: the places I want to be included in the places list have a citation associated which holds the “enriching” information such as Links, Maps. Thus they are kind of referenced another way than by an event - maybe this property would help when identifying places to be included.
Furthermore in the citations not all places which have a citation are shown, but only those who have an event-reference. Thus citations of places without event-reference are not included in the list of citations at all.

Any idea to accomplish my intention of “enriched” places to be don by the user without changing the AddOn are welcome of course…

When this report being written, this feature didn’t exist. The problem will be the references if they are not included in the report. You’ll have certainly some possible “page not found” in this case.

I’ll look at this.

I have generated a feature request in mantis, also refferening to this discussion

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