Help with Maps in Narrative Web Site needed

Gramps 5.1.5, Windows 10

Actually Maps generated by “Narrative Web Site” Report and OpenStreetMap choosen as Map-Service are empty. First thought I have to configure somehow, but didn’t find anything. Any ideas how to make OpenStreetMap work ith Narrative Web Site Report ?

Also I was looking in google as MAP-Service which requires an API key. I found a description fpr gramps in Integrate google maps with narrative web site - Gramps , but to me it looks like it expects a nonlocal Website

Is your link to OSM http: or https: ? I remember having had problems with that and I patched NarrativeWeb generator. But it may also happen when I query the pages from another computer on the LAN, i.e. a reference to the local server + references to OSM. Under some circumstances, the browser may object, suspecting an XSS attack, and may refuse to display the map.

You may also need to adjust your firewall configuration to allow “mixed” data sources for the pages.

It seems to be a bug in NarWeb. I first had trouble with
Google when they changed their terms and conditions for use
of Google Earth; but Open Street Map was still functioning
in early July this year. Now I have the same problem as you

  • blank Map pages even with Open Street Map. It’s reported
    as issue #0012680 on the BugTracker.
    Let’s hope there’s an early solution!

( The Integrate google maps with narrative web site
is years out of date).

Just so we don’t skip the basic sanity check before troubleshooting reports and external tools …

  1. Does the Geography view show markers for events of the target person?
  2. Does the target person have a Death event? (Verifying the “Probably Alive” filters don’t apply.)
  3. Is anything (Person, Event, or Place) marked as ‘Private’?
  4. What filters are being used for the report?

Are you able to look at the network tab in the browser debugger and see if it’s actually trying to request map tiles from and if it is exactly what URLs it is using and what HTTP response code it is getting?

Actually all the aspects you mention should be ok, since Narrative Web using google as Map-Service works fine for my database resp. Map-Place (besides the darkeing because of missing API). Thus I assume issue associated with Map-Service Open-Street Map. I also issue a bug report yesterday - see 0012315: Narrative Web – more complete places - Gramps - Bugtracker – Free Genealogy Software.
Also 0012680: No Map Service for Narrative Web Report - Gramps - Bugtracker – Free Genealogy Software states:
until (at least) 22/07/11 NarWeb showed Family maps, providing Open Street Map was selected as the map service. Without any change to my system, NarWeb now fails to show any map, even with Open Street Map selected

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I made some screenshots for different bevaviour of same Map do be shown. Hope this helps experts to track down and solve issue,

That looks like it is OpenLayers failing to load rather than the tiles for the OpenStreetMap case so that is likely a problem with the generated site not including ol.js and ol.css in the right place given that it’s getting a 404 error for them.

Your profile does not say what OS you operate.

Microsoft recently made some account credentials changes that affect internet access. (Persistent log-ins are more problematic now. It is necessary to repeatedly log-in for the Gramps wiki during a session now. And I am getting booted from the Element/Riot forum too.)

Perhaps these map server problems are symptoms of those credentialing changes?

My OS is
Windows 10 Pro
Version 21H2 (Build 19044.1889)

Any suggestions for correcting this bug?

@SNoiraud has posted to Bug #0012680

Thanks for posting the adoptions in the bug report:
If you want to continue to use openlayers, you need to change the following lines:
in the from the webreport directory
replace “latest” by “v6.15.1” at lines 387 and 390
and in in the same directory
replace “latest” by “v6.15.1” at lines 722 and 725
Then you create the report again.
Please could you explain how to find the “webreport directory” resp. I can find and, but those are wrong

In your Gramps program directory:


This contains the various component program files for the Narrated Web and the Web Calendar

Making these changes works!! :clap:t2: :clap:t2:

Dave, thanks a lot - works perfectly

I think I’ll add an option for 5.2
by default, the “latest” version is the best choice.
I added an optional value which will be available for 5 or 6 years.
Changing the gramps.ini will permit to change this value.



The option could be defined as in the snapshot below:

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