Maps in Narrated Web

5.1.6 win10
Seems I don’t have the option to search by title in MantusBT to see if there has been a report filed.

This topic and solution was posted here before.

In the Narrated Web, maps are missing because there is an error in the URL for open maps. The word “latest” needed to be replaced with version number on 2 lines in 2 files.

I assumed that this minor change would have been included in 5.1.6 which it wasn’t.

Is there a bug open on this?
Was there a reason it wasn’t included?
Just wondering. Thanks.

12680: No Map Service for Narrative Web Report ( Open Street Map ) was tagged for 5.2 version. The reason given was “because we have strings to translate”.

(I don’t understand what that reason means. @SNoiraud Is this is different than the patch adding a new string that can be translated as a Weblate task?)

@Davesellers I did a search for doing a MantisBT search on a string via a URL query. It seem you need to be an authenticated users for this. It keeps bots from scraping the database.
Have you been unable to regain access to your davesellers account on MantisBT?

Yes, I was logged in, but only could search for a bug number, not by title.

In the View Issues filters, I put in "Open Street Map" in the text field beside the Apply Filter button. (Do not forget to hit the x Reset button first to clear the other filter fields. I keep skipping that and have to run the filters twice.)

(The quotes were important. It made a ‘phrase’ filter instead of ‘all words’ filter. 9 results instead of 55!)

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

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The patch is the same. The difference is we have now one new option in the narrated web tab map options.
This is to avoid new problems when osmgpsmap modify the urls.

gramps.ini content:


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