Filter Creation

Currently when you open a new or are editing an existing filter you get a pop up window with a sub window which shows the available filters which is far too small to display all the text resizing the sub window does not automatically resize the main pop up so part of that disappears. Maybe the layout could changed to have the sub window above the other items full width of pop up
Would it be worth having promote and demote arrows for multi line filters
Would it be worth having a delete function for individual filters

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Not sure what difference that would make, except maybe to make it easier to understand? Or if the order could somehow be used by Gramps to optimize the execution? But it shouldn’t have to rely on the user to tell it how to optimize.

You can do this in Edit → Person Filter Editor.


“it shouldn’t have to rely on the user to tell it how to optimize.”
This fine if true and in most cases suspect it does not really matter
but I have recollection of a filter I used to have where the order made
a difference. Some body higher up the food chain than me would have to
confirm this behaviour.

“You can do this in Edit → Person Filter Editor.”
Yes I know but why on earth is it not in Tools, Utilities, and why if I
am in the Editor and decide a filter can be deleted can I not do it
there and then.

PS Only random thoughts I put out there to be knocked down


I highly recommend using the Isotammi Filter Params addon tool (although it lacks a “clone” feature) and Filter+ gramplets instead the built-in <category> Filters editor and standard Filter gramplets.

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