New Isotammi (Filter+) addons posted

This would more properly be an “Announcement”

Have you ever carefully built a set of parameters in the Filter Gramplet and finally gotten it to winnow down to exactly the right subset of records … only to realize you can’t use that to limit a Report or Export? Then you either have to:

  1. Tag the view results and create a Custom Filter for that Tag, or
  2. Find all the Rules needed to reproduce the parameters and create a Custom Filter

@kku (Kari Kujansuu) has just posted a set of SuperTool-based expansions to the Filter Gramps (called “Filter+”) in the Isotammi repository. (Use the Isotammi Configuration dashboard gramplet or manually change your Preferences.) Thanks Kari!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to learn SuperTool to use the enhanced Filter+ Gramplets. They look very similar to the built-in Filter Gramplets. But Filter+ add-on gramplets are slightly enhanced versions. They do NOT upgrade the built-ins. So you need to add the Filter+ gramplets to the sidebar of each Category. You can remove the built-in from the sidebar as the addons include all the original features.

The enhancements are:

  • There is a new Define filter button that automatically creates a custom filter based on the given criteria. This makes it easy to create simple custom filters.
  • Selecting the Find button also displays the elapsed time to run the filter.
  • The “Father”, “Mother” and “Child” allow searching for multiple partial names in the Family Filter+ fields. They behave the same way as in the “Person” filter: . The regular filter tries to match the entire string exactly. (For example, “en w” matches for the Father in example.gramps will find 34 families including: “Lawrence Gill” and “Edward Green”. Adding a Child “b te” reduces the list to 4 families.) This enhancement is already present in the 5.2 Family Filter Gramplet
  • The Citation Filter+ uses “Very low” as the default confidence level. The regular filter defaults to “Normal” (which might miss some citations).

Clicking the Define filter button uses the SuperTool framework to scrape the parameters into rules for a Custom Filter. After you add a name, the OK button becomes active.

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Thanks for writing this “Announcement”.

One comment to clarify a misunderstanding: the Filter+ gramples are not based on SuperTool. They have actually nothing to do with SuperTool.

Thanks for the correction. But they do have depencies on about 3 Rules where there weren’t built-in Rule equivalents for specifics Filter gramplet options, right?

I did not do enough digging to determine if they had to use some of the ‘generic’ addon rules too.

And a section for Filter+ has been added to the wiki

Its Define filter feature was used to fill in 9 of the stubs of the long-languishing Wiki section about the Filter Gramplets. Now it describes what rules can be used to support each field in each category’s Filter gramplets:

People People, Relationships Relationships, Family Families, Charts Charts, Events Events, Places Places,
Places Geography, Sources (v3.4.x) Sources, Citations Citations, Repositories Repositories, Media Media, Notes Notes

Filter+ v1.02 updated posted 5 Dec 2023.

An update to Filter+ has been added.

The Person Filter+ has been expanded to include a parameter option to search Death date and Death place. The Isotammi group has occassionally had a need to search for that in the past.

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