Family Lines Graph Feature Request


I like Family Lines Graph very much. It’s the most useful tool but I’d like to have new feature:
I’d like to include some persons of interest but without their relations. I’d like to see those people in the report but without their descendants or without their ancestors.
I believe it would be useful for many people who are not familiar with editing graphviz files manually.

Could you be more descriptive? I intensively use the Family Lines graph to create small targeted clickable trees I add to my NarrativeWeb.

I select the part I’m interested in by entering People of Interest and limiting the number of ancestors/descendants if needed. These are the main parameters. I don’t think you should untick Follow xxx to determine “family lines” in Report Options, save for unidirectional graphs.

Let me describe it more detailed.

Les’s assume that I want to create Family Lines graph for my mom and her siblings.
I want to include my wife and my kids but without my wife’s ancestors. Also I would like to see my father in graph but without his ancestors.
Now if I add my wife and my father to the People of Interest and tick “Follow to ancestors” I got a huge tree with all known ancestors for my wife and my father, but I only want graph for mom’s family without other lines.

I hope this example will be more understandable.

So you are asking for the “People of Interest” to have a People “Custom Filter” option?

You could build a Custom filter to select the Ancestors (to x generations) and Descendants (to y generations) of the Active Person’s parents + the spouses of those People.

Yes I think it can be done with additional custom filter option. Or additional checkboxes for every People of Interest (follow or not follow their graphs)
Something like this

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