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I have created myself a website with the goal of displaying my family tree. What would be the best way to accomplish this? I don’t want just an image, but an interactive tree.

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I understand that you have registered a domain name and established hosting service for that domain. Now you have an “under construction” style placeholder.

Gramps offers several styles and levels of content generation that can posted as a genealogical website. See the Web Solutions for Gramps article on the Gramps-Project wiki.

Each is a different approach. Each requires a different level of commitment to maintenence. But they all need a huge commitment to creating the content.

You should experiment with Gramps as a local tool first. See if its data-entry and methods make sense to you. (Or import a GEDCOM to see how it handles your family data.) If you cannot become comfortable with the tool, you’ll never get to the point of publishing a website.

There is also the Betty project I don’t see on this page, it can generate a website based on Gramps xml



I missed Betty’s listing previously on this page. Obviously the format is a problem.

Tried adding a few indexing marks to build a table on contents and section headings. Maybe that will be better.

Also, a “websolutions” Tag has been added to the title of this (and similar) thread. You can click that tag to find other discussions about using Gramps to publish web pages.

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