Cursor problem on a Mac

Gramps version : 5.1.2
Operating System: Macbook Pro, version 11.3.1
Problem : for a long time, I have a problem with my cursor, and only when using Gramps. The pointing arrow is not effective, but its tail is really pointing to the field, but on the menu bar at the top, the tip of the arrow is the pointing area…
Any idea where I should look for to resolve this issue. It is very very annoying.
No other software or app running on this Mac has this issue.

Problem on on MacOS

Looks like the developer (jralls) was asking people to test with Gramps 5.1.3-4, (as) it uses an updated Gtk library in which cursor positioning is fixed.

Direct link

Make sure to back up before upgrading and see if you can provide feedback on the Gramps bug tracker what ever your result with it?

Thanks for the quick reply and the info.
I did install this new version (5.1.3) and indeed, it fix my problem with the cursor pointing with the tail instead of the head on my MacBookPro.
I did not see the version 5.1.3**-4**
when I move the cursor on some names (like moving my cursor on the list of children in the family view, the name sometime disapear (blank) and will reappear when I move my cursor on the blank space where used to be the name…
Not as annoying as the cursor pointing issue, but still annoying.


After using it again, the problem is still there… There are few issues with the display on a MacBook Pro, Version 11.3.1 and Gramps 5.1.3

  • cursor problem as discussed before
  • some name disapear when the cursor move on them and reappear when the cursor move again on the name
  • most of the window box are too short and never show the bottom command button (cancel, OK). I have to enlarge the box every time, even when there is room on the screen to display these command button.

I use the Mac on the road and then transfer the date (gramps version and GEDCOM) on my Linux Ubuntu and on my Windows 10 computers.
I dont have these issues on both Linux and Window computers…

Thanks for your help & support.


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