Copy/paste or CSV export children data

Recently, I had found myself wanting to copy/paste or export to text or CSV file the children from a given set of parents.

For example


(I hope I’ve copy/pasted the screenshots in to the body of this message, in the above space! but then it said “Sorry, new users can only put one embedded media item in a post.”)

I’ve tried any which way I could think of, but I’m either missing something or being a bit thick. I can’t seem to select the data and copy/paste, or find a way to export it to any sort of file, or even print. Am I missing something? I can (and am at the moment) doing a Windows Prt Scr screen dump, then cropping the image to size, but that graphics has a higher payload than text, and the text in teh screen dump image can’t easily be manipulated like text.

Is there a way to export the 4 columns of data either by exporting to a file, or by copy/paste.

GRAMPS: GrampsAIO64-5.1.2-1
Python: 3.6.4 (default, Jan 23 2018, 13:17:37) …
BSDDB: 6.1.0 (6, 0, 30)
sqlite: 3.21.0 (2.6.0)
OS: Windows 10 Pro

Thanks for any suggestions

The “numbers of images per posting” limit is there because of bot spammers. It will ease up for you shortly.

I don’t think a copy&paste works for this children gramplet.

One solution:

  1. Create a custom filter children of <person>
  2. Select the custom filter in the sidebar and filter the view
  3. Family Trees > Export View (save it as CSV)

Alternately, it you just want to provide this family info to someone in a compact, low bandwidth form…
You could generate a Reports => Text Reports => Descendant Report…

Copy&Paste works from the various Report outputs.

The following was a 2 generation (self & children generations; includes spouses), de Villiers numbered descendant report in RTF format (plain text mangles the Unicode glyphs like ń) using the example.gramps tree.

Descendants of Garner, Robert W.

a. Garner, Robert W. (b. 24 Apr 1826/7 (Julian) - Aberdeen, WA, USA, d. 3 Feb 1916 - Portsmouth, OH, USA)

sp. Zieliński, Phoebe Emily (b. 12 Apr 1827 - Bogalusa, Washington, LA, USA, d. 7 Mar 1882 - Albuquerque, NM, USA), m. 4 Oct 1849 - Paragould, Greene, AR, USA

b1. Garner von Zieliński, Lewis Anderson Sr (b. 21 Jun 1855 - Great Falls, MT, USA, d. 28 Jun 1911 - Twin Falls, Twin Falls, ID, USA)

sp. Martel, Luella Jacques (b. 23 Jan 1852 - Eureka, Humboldt, CA, USA, d. 28 Apr 1921 - Myrtle Beach, SC, USA), m. 1 Apr 1875 - Paragould, Greene, AR, USA

b2. Garner, Phebe (b. 1850 - Orlando, Orange, FL, USA, d. before 1860)

b3. Garner, Mary J. (b. 12 Oct 1851, d. 1 Apr 1852)

b4. Garner, Mary M. (b. 12 Oct 1851, d. 24 May 1858)

b5. Garner

b6. Garner, Rebecca Catharine (b. 30 May 1857 - Denver-Aurora, CO, USA, d. 9 Apr 1937 - Alice, Jim Wells, TX, USA)

sp. Ramírez, John B., m. 7 Oct 1875 - Paragould, Greene, AR, USA

b7. Carr, Zelpha Josephine (b. 31 Dec 1858 - Brownwood, Harris, TX, USA, d. 8 Feb 1895 - Beckley, WV, USA)

sp. Floyd, John Morgan, m. 4 Feb 1875 - Denver-Aurora, CO, USA

b8. Garner, Iola Elizabeth Betty (b. 1 Nov 1860 - Orlando, Orange, FL, USA, d. 17 Apr 1941 - Killeen, Bell, TX, USA)

sp. Ford, Stephen Jacob, m. 17 Sep 1879 - Vernal, UT, USA

b9. Garner, Robert F. (b. 4 Apr 1863 - Paragould, Greene, AR, USA, d. 17 Feb 1940 - Marshalltown, Marshall, IA, USA)

sp. Cannon, Mary Jane, m. 25 Nov 1880 - Paragould, Greene, AR, USA

b10. Garner, Emma A. (b. 18 Aug 1868, d. 23 Feb 1869)

b11. Garner, Anetta (b. 13 Jun 1870 - Centralia, WA, USA, d. 4 Oct 1900 - Columbus, Bartholomew, IN, USA)

sp. Parker, Frank R., m. 23 Aug 1888 - Centralia, WA, USA

b12. Garner, Antoinette (b. 13 Jun 1870 - Starkville, MS, USA, d. before 1880)

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