Export to CSV format

V 5.1.3, windows 10.
(Please include your Gramps version and Operating System)
When I export to CSV spreadsheet file, it gives me ID#, names, dates etc.
But when I scroll down, it only gives me ID# for parents and ID# for family etc.
How do I get it to show names…?

The General CSV export only lists each object’s descriptive subset of data once. (Because that’s how databases store the information.)

From then on, every Enclosing object simply gives an ID. It is up to a program (or spreadsheet analysis) to lookup the Object ID and collate what parts of the descriptive subset of data to display. In Excel, you can do this type of analysis by setting up each bock of data as a separate lookup table. Then using lookup formulae with the ID.

Within Gramps, a report would show subset detail data recursively. But a CSV export is not likely to do that.

Ok, I kind of understand:
Thank you for quick response.

John L Walker

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