Consider using Extension:Translate for the wiki

This is a much easier solution for long term management for a wiki, used by TranslateWiki and several other Wikis I’ve seen.

We are having some difficulties with our MediaWiki implementation. The last couple attempts to update have failed.

So until thats resolved, we are in a holding pattern for adding tools.

(I’d love to see some features to improve use by translators. It looks like a misery right now.)

How is it hosted?
Do you think it would be possible to consolidate the app and move it to docker?

I’m not an admin there, just a content contributor. Reading the ‘talk’ page of the admin’s MediaWiki User area tells the tale.

The option has been raised of contracting a MediaWiki expert. There’s a need to repair the cumulative damage since it went online in 2007. And that may be beyond what self-taught admins of a single domain should try to do. (And since we’ve had turnover in or webmaster, institutional knowledge has been lost at each switchover.)

It needs skills honed by the experience of repairing dozens of sites.

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