DOT diagram module for Discourse

While looking for an answer to another thread, discovered that there is a DOT rendering module available for Discourse. It even includes animation of diagrams support.

(Scroll to the bottom of this very long posting in the Graphviz Discourse forum for links to the installation info.)

Rendering DOT notations might be the answer to the problem with translating diagrammed/annotated screen captures without overloading MediaWiki too!

Perplexity say that there are alternatives for rendering Graphviz DOT files in MediWiki:

Yes, there are several modules and extensions available for MediaWiki that allow rendering Graphviz DOT files within the wiki pages:

  1. GraphViz Extension: This is the official MediaWiki extension for rendering Graphviz graphs. It allows embedding DOT code directly in wiki pages using the tag. The extension can be installed via Composer:
composer require mediawiki/graph-viz

It requires the GraphViz libraries to be installed on the server. The extension is well-documented and actively maintained.

  1. ImageMap Extension: While not specifically for Graphviz, the ImageMap extension can be used in conjunction with the GraphViz extension to make the rendered graphs interactive and clickable
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  • External Data Extension: This extension allows storing data externally (e.g. DOT files) and including it in wiki pages. It can be used with GraphViz by storing the DOT code in an external file and embedding it on the page
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  • Parser Functions Extension: This extension provides parser functions like #codeline which can be used to embed DOT code from external files into wiki pages, which can then be rendered by the GraphViz extension
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  2. Third-Party Extensions: There are some third-party extensions like the “Graphviz Dot” extension that provide similar functionality for rendering DOT files.

The GraphViz extension seems to be the most widely used and recommended solution for rendering Graphviz graphs in MediaWiki. It integrates well with the wiki syntax and is actively maintained by the MediaWiki community.