Clipboarding for articles

I’d like to migrate some content from the Discourse to the wiki but our MediaWiki setup doesn’t have some features. With the “copy codeblock” addon for Discourse, it has a GUI button to copy a codeblock to the clipboard. Which makes it harder mess up Python indents when patching a module.

MediaWiki doesn’t have a similar feature. And Discourse threads cannot be organized beyond Categories and Tags. (Which means old content becomes ‘lost’ for all practical purposes.)

As an example, a library of useful SuperTools scripts has been growing as codeblocks scattered in Discourse thread responses. Often, the title of the thread isn’t descriptive of the Script functionality and the script appears fairly far down in the thread. So finding the script is tedious. (I’ve begun compiling a SuperTool scripts x-ref pointing to Discourse responses.)

Perhaps something similar to that Discourse Copy button could be implemented in our MediaWiki instance? (And for the Sphinx developer docs’ useful snippets and example codeblocks?)

Extension to Copy Code Block on Project:Support desk
points toward a manual extension of MediaWiki using javascript:

Our Discourse now supports attaching .gramps and .gpkg files but does not support .zip .pdf or .script files. The wiki permits png, gif, jpg, jpeg, ogg, zip, gz, svg, pdf file types. It does not support any of our custom types. We don’t have a defined space in our GitHub repository for sharing curated samples of .scripts, XML (for books, custom filters), example or reusable (.gramps .gpkg) data. .ini files.

The Isotammi ZIPinstall supports .zip files that GitHub produces from repository Code buttons but not the .tgz files on GitHub and linked from the Addon List. The Addon Manager supports .tgz file but not .zip files and it requires a JSON list of the files.

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