Extend documentation links in GitHub README.md file

Developer documentation is widely dispersed. While difficult, it is possible to become proficient finding User docs in the wiki, mail List and forum. But the developer docs tend to be more elusive.

For example, I note that the Gramps Data Model and API Methods are key references. But it usually takes me awhile to remember that the documentation tool used for the API is Sphinx then at least another 10 minutes to actually find those docs.

Meanwhile, the GitHub repository’s link for Documentation is for basic User docs, not developer docs (or docs for beta testers or translators). Nor does it link to the Developers category in the wiki.

The Documentation section of the README.md file of the Gramps-Project on GitHub:

Kevin Dunn was working on a project to integrate Sphinx into MediaWiki. That project was archived with about 250,000 other projects when the BitBucket Mercurial Version Control service went offline in 2020.

But in this posting, he has an interesting note about calling Sphinx with Python with a Django example. Of course, the Bitbucket material is part of the archive, and not indexed on the Wayback Machine.

If you prefer to call Sphinx directly from your Python code (i.e. not
via Python’s subprocess module), then take a look at line 1749 in this
Django file:

If some example of doing that could be found, it seems likely that the Help feature from @kku 's SuperTool might be expanded from merely being a APIl methods vocabulary list into being a real reference.

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