"Colors" isn't global. Does it belong in the Preferences?

The tab starts with the label : “Colors used for boxes in the graphical views”.
(Which seems to be a holdover from old terminology. It seems that “Colors used in diagrams of the Charts view.” would remove an extra terminology conversion for translations.")

All but the “Other colors” (which only has Background for Home Person) are specific to the Charts View with not expansion on the horizon. (Unless there are plans to add backgrounds to the tabular data or Geography pins.)

Given that all the others, couldn’t this be moved to a common “Configure…” tab for the Charts views? Then combine the remaining Colors item into Themes (making it a built-in) and move that remaining “Toolbar text” option to be next to the other Toolbar preferences.

A useful hint is that users can drag’n’drop (from either the pre-populated palette or gradient “Pick a Color” Selectors) to the Colors tab. You do not need to click each swatch sequentially.

This also works when setting colors in the Marker Colors configuration of the All Known Places view of the Geography category.

This is specific to geography markers with color depending on the place type.
No other view use these color. I don’t see any reason to move that.

Didn’t mean to imply the View mode’s color marker configuration should be moved. Just adding the example for quick mass color re-configuration in the other place it is desperately needed. The “all green” defaults for those markers undermines the recognition of that view’s value.

(Too bad drag’n’drop of color swatches can’t work for the Organize Tags dialog. )