Toolbar change suggestion, move some of the buttons to the right side

I know other people have had other suggestions for improvement to the toolbar before. But I have an idea that doesnt change it too much.

This is an example how it looks like now, and I know some may be sceptical about making changes to it:

On the bar like it is now, some of the options that is on plenty on the views, is either furthest to the left, or furthest to the right side. While those that change the most, is in the middle.

What about making it so the ones on the right side, that always is there, rather than just being at the “end” of the bar, is pinned to the right side of it?

Something like this:

Could be debated what exact ones it should be done with. But its at least something I would personally see as an improvement without making too big changes.
It would have the GUI change less between one view an another. More consistent if you can call it that.

I know some have had other suggestions for it, but correct me if this exact suggestion have been made before already.

What do other people think?

That’s the Toolbar. The Navigation sidebar/splitbar is the vertical one on the left for category switching.

Ah, I will try to remember that :slight_smile:
Edited main post to be more specific.

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I made a feature request on the bugtracker for this:

0013340: [Toolbar improv.] Toolbar change, would make it more consistent from view to view, by shifting some of the buttons to the right.

As I wrote there:

Should at least be done with the preferences button. In a lot of other programs, the preferences, or settings button is close to one of the corners, and stays there between different views. (if it isnt its usually more hidden away)
For example in Intelliij its top right, in Davinci Resolve, its bottom right.
In Rawtherapee it bottom left and Spotify its top right corner (Under user menu).
And its stays the same place in different views.

I personally think it should be done with all the buttons I did it with in the image.

Optionally, it could be done with an optional setting in preferences. I would use it.