Cause of death report [SOLVED]

Hi. I’m new to the forum and I’m not a developer. I was hoping to find a report that would show causes of death for the whole database (or any part). There doesn’t seem to be one.
Its there a way I can get GRAMPs to list the causes and names and dates etc just as a simple list?

I have cause of death both as a Description of the death and as an Attribute of the death. I believe attribute is more accurate but there’s not much I can do with an Attribute, at least as a Description, I can see it listed - for example as a custom Event filter. This is pretty much exactly what I want but as a more permanent pdf report output.


Is there a way for me to get a permanent report of these deaths?

You can export the View (the list) as a csv or OpenOffice Spreadsheet …
File - Export View

It will export the list in the main View, with the field you have selected to show, You will not get the attributes …

I have never found a report that focus on Events only in Gramps … Maybe something to ask for in a feature request?


Great. That’s really helpful. It will certainly do for my needs at the moment. It’d probably be something a developer could really run with if they were interested; a list of deaths in a particular lineage and age at death. Events in general such as a list of locations of marriages etc. as a chapter in a Book. All of that is way beyond me though.
Thanks. This is a great answer. I’ll mark it as Solved.

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