Death Report/Calendar/Book Page

I see we have a Birthday & Anniversary report, various ways to track birthdays, a graphical way to view death dates, and such but we have no way to view death dates of the database (via a list or a calendar). I would think this is particular useful as death dates would be a time of remembrance. Does anyone know how to undertake producing such a report (with or without other event dates)?

(I see there’s been some talk about it previously.)

(Gramps 4.2.6-1, Windows 10)

There is the Web Calendar. It is most useful when combined with the Narrated Web. It is an html report that can link to the individual’s NarrWeb page. It can also be used as a stand-alone output. One of the options is to include death events. One of the other options would be to limit to only living people which would defeat the use of death events.

There is also the dashboard gramplet “This Day In Family History”.