Anniversaries Gramplet

Gramps 5.1.5
Gramps Web API 1.1.10
Gramps.js 23.8.0
locale: en
multi-tree: true
task queue: true

In Grampshub/GrampsWeb there is a list of anniversaries which I found valueable.
Is there away to get this list as a Gramplet in desktop version?

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There’s an addon:

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OK … but I was looking for an anniversaries gramplet like wedding date …

It is not a Gramplet but perhaps the Birthday and Anniversary Report is what you are seeking?

Thanks … but it would be nice to have a gramplet instead of a text report with Anniversaries (with only todays date) like there is one in Gramps WEB …

If you give me a specification, then I’ll write one for you.

Great !!!

I was thinking of a gramplet like this (pls see tha attachment).
It should display all event that took place of todays date (day and month) and specify following:

YYYY-MM-DD: persons name (no of years) Event type


1967-08-10: Nova, Siiri (56 years) Death
1994-08-10: Liivamagi, Terie (29 years) Birth
1982-08-10: Roots, Riina (41 years) Weeding
1978-09-10: Kaareste, Katlin (45 years) Christening



YYYY-MM-DD is when the event happened.
The persons name should be a link (blue color) to the database.
‘no of years’ is the years that has passed when it happend → todays date

Appreciate your comments …


So a direct derivative of the Birthdays gramplet? (Note that the Birthdays gramplet uses the Date and Name format in Preferences. But since the month and day count are always Zero on an anniversary, it ignores the Age format preferences.)

However, you have that row as column1 of a Table and the Event type as Column2.
(It’d probably make more sense to have all 4 elements as columns in a table. They’d be sortable.)

And if the Configure options included a text box with where you could add a Comma Separated (double-quote escaped) list of Event types as a filter, then the gramplet could do any set of Events.

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Thanks for your input.
Yes … I agree it makes more sense to have all 4 elements (date,person,year,event) as sortable columns in a table (like in Quick View gramplet).
Regarding the filter text box in Configuration I think one option of Event types shold be ‘All’

I’ve created a new Anniversaries gramplet for v5.1. You can download it from the third-party addons repository in the usual way.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

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The help_url doesn’t follow the pattern you specified. Could it included the "Addon: and the space placeholder?


Also, the Age at line 59 is “Age” which is more correctly “Years” in this case.

            (_("Year"), 5, 75),

Also, this Gramplet does anniversaries for single day: Today()
Was that the goal? (The Birthdays starts with ThisDayOfTheYear and wraps around to next year)

That’s pretty much the same as the This Day in Family History gramplet
(Although for 9 Aug using the Example.gramps, that gramplet picks up an extra entry for someone with a death having an Islamic date with only the year. So I cannot guess it’s Gregorian date.)

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I can’t find it … what is the name of gramplet?

It’s called “Anniversaries Gramplet”.

The source code is available here if you want to install it manually.

Sorry … I just don’t see it … am I looking at the wrong place?

Yes, you are in the wrong place for downloading a new addon.

Go to the Edit → Preferences at the bottom of the General tab. The process is described in the the link:

Thanks … don’t know how I missed it … been sitting too long at my computer.
Is there away to make the persons clickable or display their ID:s?

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If you double click on a row it will invoke the event editor.

I can easily add other columns.

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It would be nice to get the person’s info instead of the event editor … like in ‘This Day in Family History’ gramplet.
Can that be done?

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