How do you use the attributes?

I am just curious.
Would you list the weight and height of a person at birth as attribute to the birth event or just as a note, or not at all?

What things do you put in as a attribute? Currently I have zero things there, wondering if I should use it.

Record them as attributes if you have aspirations of doing comparative analysis. As notes if you think it adds an appreciable flavor to their life narratives. Or leave them as parts of scanned birth records attached as Media.

It all depends on your goals.

I use them for the tidbits of information. The height and weight or actual time of birth would qualify (although I do not add theses). I try to keep the values short. More than two or three words would usually go in a note.

On many events, Age and Occupation.
On Baptism and Marriage: I have the Officiant
On Death: Cause
On Burial: Burial Plot

to name just a few.

Note: I do not use the Form gramplet which sets much of the details gathered as Attributes and shares Events with participants.

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Age, Gramps calculate itself, and I have Occupations as events.
On death I put the cause on death in the description of the death event.
I hope there wont be any issues with those later.
Untill now Attributes have been like “I dont what to use this for”

I dont think I have any other goal than I have the numbers so why not have it somewhere. spesific cases now is not birth certificate but more like what their parents gave as information :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is one of the benefits of Gramps. Each user sets up their records that fits their needs.

Some observations.

The Cause of Death event type is a holdover from what other programs were sending Gramps in GEDCOMS. But think about it, the Cause of Death is not an event by itself. It is a fact of the Death event.

Yes Occupation is an event and I do have these event types. And I know there are cultures where this fact is vital and I believe some reports make special use of these events. But occupation can be an added fact of other event types.

And as to age, yes Gramps calculates this information. But I always find it interesting the reported age in events like census records. The Reported age can be different than the Calculated/Actual age.

I am NOT telling you to change how you record this information. A good way to see which method will meet your ultimate needs is to print out your preferred reports using different data entry methods. Attributes may not print in your favorite reports.

Ultimately, you decide the data entry method that meets your needs. Gramps has just given you the tools to do it in different ways.

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I put a lot of thing into attributes.

Person attributes (into description attributes): eyes and hairs colors, face description, size…

Events: I use two kinds of attributes:

  • Event related information attributes: i.e. Birth/death: birth/death hour; Marriage contract: juridical marriage type; Military service: military ID, …
  • Research attributes: i.e. Research results: successful or unsuccessful researches with notes and positive/negative sources

Medias (for picture medias): Description, Total number of people on the picture, Number of recognized people, Tags about the picture content

Citations/Sources: URL, access date, register page number, etc

I miss places attributes sometimes

And I am probably forgetting a lot.

Yes I will if I’d get that information. Attributes interest is they can be sourced telling from where information come from.

I put age I find in any registers into birth event into an age attribute with the source citation where I found it. I use these attributes as a reference for the from/to date I put in that event date field while I don’t have the real birth date. Same for birth place if I don’t have found birth record yet

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Place records will have Attributes in 5.2

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