What is the best way to enter someone's occupation?

I just discovered that Gramps can record people’s occupations in two different places: as Events and as Attributes, and I wonder which one is the “most compatible” option (if you exchange data in GEDCOM format for example).
The obvious advantage of using Events is that you can add dates, which is useful for someone changing profession.

Use the Event for recording Occupation. It is the preferred GEDCOM compatible method.

Although Attributes can be used for anything … they should only be used when there isn’t a pre-built equivalent already in Gramps.

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Were you looking at this Attributes page on the wiki for that discovery?

I believe that this page has dated information and should be reviewed.

The point about being able to attach a Source to an Attribute but not to an Event is just wrong. Maybe it was true in 2010 when it was first posted? [Ummm. That was a misinterpretation caused by the article being unclear. The Source-ability was a difference between Tags & Attributes.]

No, this was by using the software… :wink:
Anyway, the right place seems to be in the Events, as @emyoulation said.

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