Book how is it made

Gramps 5.1.2 in French, Linux Ubuntu 20.04.0,
Where can I see an example of a Book completly done

There is no demonstrated completed Book report.

Books takes many of the various reports and allows you to combine some or all of these together. Books allows you to add a Table of Contents, a common Index and text pages So each Books is unique and put together by the user. The user will set the options for each report selected. The reports will all use a common print option.

The Book the user puts together can be saved for future repeated use. Books can be configured to hold a single report allowing the user to save the particular options options.

Printing to OpenDocument Text creates a word processing document with all the settings for a Table of Contents and Index pages, etc. It will allow further editing before the final print job.

Thank you DaveSch for your answer I shall read the French manual to understand more

Regarding on how to make a Book, I tried a few reports to understand what they do as result
Which report will put photo, notes for each persons. One of my test got this

Start by running tests with single reports on just one person or family group rather than anything so expansive as Books. (For instance the Complete Individual Report probably shows the information you want.)

Once you find a set of several reports that you want to combine for a wider perspective on each person, then start to design the book.

Each of the reports available in a Book report are the same ones available as a single report. Obviously some are better suited for a collection of reports than others.

The pedigree report showing had settings to print out several pages to be collated into a larger chart. So you would need to limit a report like this to a single page of 2 or three generations.

These graph type of reports would lend themselves to start a section of a book combined with a text report. A pedigree of a few generations of your father’s parents followed by his Ahnentafel report.

As I mentioned earlier, you can use a Books report to save all of the settings for a report. You can save all the options and name the report for future use.

@emyoulation If you take a look at you link Complete Individual Report below the report the section of filter have 5 choices why my verion only have 2 and the report just give the place where the picture is


That’s not the Complete Individual Report your screenshot shows the similar addon based on it called the PersonEverything Report (Worked it out by translating “Rapport Tout sur la personne” which in English is “All About Person Report” or literally “PersonEverything Report” )

The translation of Feature Names (like the names of Built-in & Add-on Reports) can have translator mistakes. Similarly named options can become confused.

Add-on Reports are often inspired by another report that had “similar” data to what the author wanted and could be modified. So the Addon:PersonEverything Report and Built-in:Complete Individual Report will probably have a lot of overlap. Which makes translation harder.

As a user of Gramps, I rarely use Reports because my need is for an interactive research database rather than a publishing tool. As a contributor to the wiki, I find Reports tedious to document because there are SO MANY options that change too often… too many to do screen captures for each Tab of options. So we often use a generic screen capture that illustrates where to look for a type of option (such as where “tabs” are found in the header versus “document options” in the dialog footer) then write more specific documentation in the text. And since many of the Tabs have recurrent options, you will find we do not repeatedly regurgitate the same info. (It makes the wiki pages too long to read.) That’s for English. Multiply that by more than 40 languages and the screen capture collection becomes unmanageable.

So do not expect screen captures to be exact matches. And when (not “if”) you find something particularly wrong in the wiki, consider volunteering to fix the webpage. Writing documentation is a good way to learn software. The process forces you to look at options that might normally be ignored.

@ emyoulation : Since the tree is nearly finish I wanted to know what would bring all Data Notes Pictures on a page. So I am testing some reports. I did as you mention : *You can choose the Complete Individual Report with *Reports ->Text Reports ->Complete Individual Report.
@daleathan : In French this is what I have and trying to translate to see wich is: Complete Individual Report

To all : found it but the images is impossible to read , since it is important it is the register of the parish. More test to do to get a perfect image.
Complete Individual Report en francais : Fiche individuelle complète
Fiche translated in English : Form, Sheet. A little bit far from *Report that would give Rapport

Perhaps it would help to add the Addon:Media Report to your Book? (It is oddly categorized as a Text Report… even though it calculates & extracts thumbnail graphics.)

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Please note:

There have been previous threads discussing the
DPI settings & scaling of images when generating PDF format documents. (The defaults are for 72dpi “screen resolution”, not “print resolution” at 300-2400dpi.)

Also Note:
One of the strong contributors to the above discussions was @PLegoux
Patrice is a leading contributor in the Gramps subgroup on the Geneanet forum, where discussions are in French and illustrations use that localized GUI.

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Thank you very much for your help

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