Ancestors filter - how to add more than 32 generations?

Is there a way to create a filter that includes more than 32 generations of one’s ancestors? I have tried creating a filter for 40 generations but it automatically gets reduced to 32. Why is there a cap at all? Is there any way to circumvent that?

In the same filter category, there is the Ancestor of <person>. This filter has no limits.

Thank you, that is a very useful step in the right direction but that would include all generations - is there no way to limit that to 40 generations?

Can you create a feature request ?

If you think you can, modify gramps/gui/editors/ and replace at line 521:
t = MyInteger(1, 32)
t = MyInteger(1, 50)


I will try editing this file, thank you! I just do not understand the purpose of introducing this very arbitrary cap in the first place - any guesses?

How do I create a feature request? Do I just start a separate thread with a feature request tag or can I somehow add the tag to this thread?

my guess is this code was being added by an overworked coder who didn’t have the time to make it into a new settable parameter and just had to pick some number. 32 is something a programmer would pick. i might have run into this myself as i have 37 generations to be loaded when i can.

if you do edit it, i suggest creating a patch file so you can apply it in the next version along with all the other edits you might do between now and then.

Even better, if you think your modifications can be beneficial to the community, you can share it so it is reviewed officially and maybe incorporated in the source code tree.
Then no need to apply the same patch on your specific machine after each upgrade.

NB: If you keep the patch for yourself, it is working for next versions as long as the original file is not modified. I mean if there are official additions/deletions/modifications in between, the patch cannot be applied/processed automatically anymore, can it?

People have suggested you file a Feature Request but not where or how.

Here is the site. You do need to create an account to file a feature request (or bug). It is a feature and not a bug because the code does work. You are asking for an enhancement.

Provide why you want the change and include the information @SNoiraud gave about what and where in the code would need to change. A link to this thread as additional information would be appropriate.

FYI: Not all code changes are made (or made in a timely manor; everyone is a volunteer) so keep track of any alterations you made so you can duplicate the change in the next version release if your request does get included.

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Thank you - I have just submitted the request - I hope I did it correctly!

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Looks good!

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