Alkaline hydrolysis / biocremation / resomation

Would it be too forward to add the funeral option alkaline hydrolysis or biocremation or resomation as an eco friendly alternative to burial and cremation? Selecting the proper name for the process may prove a little thingy.

You can add custom event types and use them in your database. I’d recommend to use the built-in burial event type for all burial forms and add the additional information as an attribute. So you can search/filter for each type while all people still have a burial event.

Besides creating a custom event, you can also use the Cremation event type and use the Description field to specify the process used. You can also use the Note Link Editor to provide the link to the Wikipedia article cited.

The definition of Cremation is expanding beyond flame. Just as flame cremation expanded beyond meaning a pyre. So flame cremation is just an assumption and prejudice of the moment.

So you could just use Cremation and specify the Process in the description or as a custom attribute.

Or you can easily add a custom event. But custom events aren’t grouped in Life Events submenu nor be a “Fallback” for a broader event category. (In this case, Biocremation would be a ‘Death’ fallback.)

But if you’re deadset on having another explicit option, you can certainly hack Gramps code to add another Life Event, make it a Fallback for Death. If you want to propose it as an expansion to the core Life Events, it would also need to be marked as a translatable text string. There’s an example of this in the proposal to add “Stillbirth” as a Life Event.

Maybe an alternative for later versions of Gramps would be to add two checkboxes “Life Event” and “Fallback of Death Event” or create two “override” attributes for them.

  • If an attribute named “Life Event” is added with the value “Yes” to an Event, it will be added as one to be included as so…
  • Same if an attribute named “Fallback for Death Event” is added as “Yes” it will be used as so…

This way it would also be possible to add other Events as life events, e.g., important events like converting from one religion to another, where there might be used different calendars etc.
(this was just one I grabbed from the top of my head, not the best example maybe)

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