Beta1 "Types" - Linked for Feedback

Continuing the discussion from Gramps v5.2.0-beta1 released:

“Godparent promoted to a standard role for 5.2”

The example.gramps has 2 Godfather examples as Associations.

While it is a minor that that will have to be revised for the 5.2 examples, many users are going to have examples of Godparent, Godfather, Godmother, Godchild, Godson and Goddaughter. And those will need to be harmonized into the Reference information section (which adds Citations in 5.2) of the Christening Events.

In addition to the value itself, the Association may have Citations, Notes, Privacy and a modification date that would be useful to preserve in the Shared Event.

This is a likely evolution path of popular Associations in the future too. So a batch tool that migrates an Association (merges a particular association type into a new share from the Association person’s Primary-Role Events) is likely to be needed in the future.