Lacking Event types

Are there, or will there be more event tags such as guardianships, stillborns, coming of age etc. or is this something I have to add myself (somehow…) and in that case does anyone know how i can add custom tags?

You can easily create a custom Event tag by simply typing in the drop-down menu instead of selecting an Event. The same ability is available everywhere else, though the “official” names should be preferred whenever possible (as they can be localized, used automatically in reports, etc).

Oh thanks! I had absolutly no idea that that was possibel. Guess i have to go back and check and edit every Event tag but i would rather have it correct than half-arsing it!

Thanks again!

I have filled a feature request to add Stillborn as a coded event making it an alternate event for both Birth and Death.

0011554: Add the event type “Stillborn” as a defined Gramps type

As with foster parents, you can add a non-biological child to any family’s household unit. You just add the child with a custom type in the mother/father relationship. You can add “Guardianship” rather than ‘Birth/Adopted/Sponsored/Foster/Stepchild’ via the Child Editor

This method is nice because some of the Relationship block diagrams are drawn with dotted lines to indicate non-birth Relationships.

Alternately, you can use an Association. Although you might need to create reciprocal Associations like: Guardian & Ward. This method might be used similarly to adding godparents: where the persons do not share a physical household. The drawback of an Association is that Reports have to be customized for the Relationship to visible.

Finally, you may also want to create a shared Guardianship event which spans the time guardianship was awarded & terminated. Events will show up by default in biographical reports & timelines.

From LegalMatch:
There are various reasons why a guardianship might be terminated, including:

  • The ward attains the age of majority, generally eighteen years old;
  • The ward gets married or adopted, or dies;
  • The guardian becomes ill, incapacitated, or dies;
  • The guardian renounces, resigns, or is removed by court order;
  • The court determines the guardian’s assistance or protection is no longer needed; or
  • A person invested in the welfare of the child petitions the court in order to have the guardianship removed.

I always wonder about this. It still like early life deaths & mothers lost to complications of childbirth pique curiosity & sympathy. (Like deaths by heroics or by misadventure.)

It seems like these deaths simultaneously want more detail & less. There are so many categorizations of adolescent (post pubescent), child (toddler to pubescent), infant & neonatal (1st 28 days) mortality with both euphemistic and real differences: miscarriage (before 20 weeks), spontaneous abortions, premature birth, low birth weight, birth defects, stillbirth (after 20 weeks), cot/crib death, SIDS, infant mortality… etc.

How do you keep the trees from hiding the forest?

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