Add time information to events

I understand that in the long run time information is useless (who cares that 25 years ago, something happened at 09:45?), but it doesn’t hurt to include them either.

If this would be a traditional software, my question would be more straightforward: Why don’t you allow the date object to be datetime instead?
Gramps being Gramps, I don’t know how to exactly formulate my question; instead, I’ll leave it a little bit more “open-ended”.

(Please include your Gramps version and Operating System):
Windows 10/Ubuntu / 5.1.3 (if I have added them on my profile, why do I need to again add them here?)

You can add time as event attributes.


How does that work in the Gramps model?
Is it a linkable key, (string)value pair?

I used description; albeit weird, it is still immediately visible on the person’s event.

Because it is optional in the profile & most people don’t opt in. Even if they do, it’s too much for the occasional Discourse user to remember they can drill down to discover that info while answering a question.

Why make people do extra effort when you’re asking the favor of help?

Attributes is a tab of records in the Event & Person Editors. (You can also add the built-in Attributes Gramplets with the other tabs in the Bottombar.)

There are a few Attributes management tools & custom filter rules but… since it isn’t predictable data, there are no built in analysis features and they are overlooked in a lot of the reports.

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