Add reference documents to the 5.2 examples?

When looking at the 5.1.4 example data, I was wondering what we needed to add?

Obviously, the Place data in the example.gramps file will be needing a MAJOR revamp. Besides having data which will demonstrate the 5.2 Place functionalities, 90% of the Place data needs improved to have correct GPS data, hierarchy structure & era-based civil division & multi-language support (the remaining 10% should be kept ‘odd’ for examples for wiki tutorials on manipulating place data: harmonizations, completion & repair.)

[Re-posted links and image. Maybe this one will survive the download/upload cycle]

But we need a few more examples. Perhaps things like the IPTC standard metadata test slug example:

And maybe we can find a few images to swap for the ones attributed as being from the “ugly people” website. It looks like some of those are contemporary. Are we distributing some images that were posted to hurt the person shown?

Some of the images are humorous in a positive way (like “yawn”). The images from data.gramps seem to be more mean spirited and ought to be vetted.

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I’ve previously found that Discourse strips metadata from images. I downloaded both images (one directly from IPTC and the image uploaded to Discourse) and created a CSV of the metadata using ExifTool.

exiftool -r -all -csv *.jpg > metadata.csv

The results are here: Comparison of metadata in IPTC-PhotometadataRef-Std2021.1.jpg (direct download and via discourse) · GitHub

This confirms that discourse strips metadata from images posted in discussions. For testing metadata, only the direct download from the IPTC website can be used.

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