Where do we begin collating Example files for 5.2

A new set of example files for 5.2 need to be collated and made available for testing. Where can we do this? And, how can we contribute to it in a controllable fashion?

We will need to maintain many of the current example families so that wiki examples are easy to follow, some of the data has always been inappropriate. (The images were evidently sourced from an “ugly people” site 17 years ago. This origin shows up vividly with some of the metadata tools in development. To side-step today’s “political correctness” maelstrom, they have to be replaced.) We need some modern image format metadata and sidecar data anyway.

The issues are being “related” to:
0012394: [Example.gramps]Example.gramps changes needed for v5.2

Do you have the list of what examples are needed to cover existing and new 5.2 functionalities ?

If so, everyone could participate, sending a coherent set of its own data or specially made to cover the need and illustrate one or more functionalities and you can check the entries in your checklist

I’ve a lot of events with an associated note “waiting for 5.2 to be attached to a place” i could share if that can be usefull.

About your KML issue, I’ve these contents I can share if they can be utile to you (KML file is linked in one of these tweets, in French but Tweeter can translate them for you):

This tutorial in French and English show how to create these KMLs (I don’t know why the link display Notion ad and not my page header and image (Notion or Discourse issue?), but the link is the good one, you’ll be directed to the page):

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These would make great inclusions for example.gramps in the 5.2 version. Thanks!

Although there is no animation support for KML polygons yet (as @Nick-Hall suggest below), perhaps we should include a sequence of dated KMLs in anticipation?

But before we trip over our enthusiasm, we need a place to collate suggested inclusions.

And a way so that multiple contributor don’t swamp the system with too many files where the extraneous change hide the desired update. (For instance, importing can update every record with a tag & a source by default. It would be unworkable trying to wade through all that “change” background noise.)

The Import Merge Tool by @prculley creates a short-lived worklist of mergeable changes. Maybe the list objects could be routed to the export as workable delta file? (Are imported .gramps object handles persistent enough across trees to allow backlinks to an object that wouldn’t be included in the delta file?) Then the Delta file could just be imported directly to populate that merge Tool.

I made this .gpkg file from the previous KML example based on the only interesting person to reproduce it. The media contains a little more than just the KML file because of the various sources attached to the different objects, but the data.gramps file it contains works correctly and reproduces the KML layout in the Geography view


93MB is a bit big for a KML tutorial support file.

Number of new objects imported:
  People: 1
  Families: 0
  Sources: 14
  Events: 4
  Media Objects: 58
  Places: 15
  Repositories: 7
  Notes: 37
  Tags: 18
  Citations: 17
Let's see what is the minimum needed to be moved to the Example.gramps file.

Also, I’ve adopted a process for sharing Gramps trees uses The “To Do” Gramplet in the Dashboard to communicate about the Tree. You might find it helpful too. It could include links to point to your tutorial.

(It is undocumented how the Gramplet decides which “To Do” type note to display. So I copy the content of the “To Do” that appears to another note and re-attach it. Then detach the original and edit the content to become my “Tree-wide To Do” note.)

Appended is an importable Person to replicates the example Person in the Display Name Editor.

This stripped XML works well with the Import Text Gramplet. The reason to include this person is: it makes a useful test sample to use when designing name formats in Reports.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE database PUBLIC "-//Gramps//DTD Gramps XML 1.7.1//EN"
<database xmlns="http://gramps-project.org/xml/1.7.1/">
    <created date="2022-10-25" version="AIO64-5.1.5-1"/>
    <person handle="_f28a0a45f701a44b20ffc59f82f" change="1666716823">
      <name type="Birth Name">
        <first>Edwin Jose</first>
        <surname prefix="von der" connector="and" derivation="Patrilineal">Smith</surname>
        <surname prim="0" derivation="Matrilineal">Weston</surname>
        <surname prim="0" derivation="Patronymic">Wilson</surname>

Maybe the 5.2 updates to the example.gramps file could be included as a To Do Note with “Import Text” Gramplet compatible content? It could be designed to demonstrate use with To Do” gramplet?

An update might provide the most “backward compatibility” for existing bug reports.

For the change in Citation tabs to show and sort on Date of citation, need a good example where date of the citation is an important characteristic.

See the PR 1180 where the functionality is added and where a Will/Probate/Obit notices in a newspaper are the example

For me, it’s very useful when the source is a newspaper and the person is mentioned frequently, for example:


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