Zooming limitation

Are there any limitations to zooming in an image media in Gramps ?

i.e. I’ve a HD image of an old map* and if I zoom in to 100% in XnView I get this:

While in Gramps I can’t go more than this (if I extend the media window fully on my monitor):

I can zoom out but I can’t zoom in with large images. Is there a limitation somewhere?

*Picture properties:

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Yes AFAIK the “Media Reference Editor” has limitations for zooming as well as for selection e.g. individuals in pictures of large groups of people. Also scrolling zoomed in images is not very intuitive.

Most Charts don’t zoom either.

It’s frustrating for Fan Charts … since the Chart view modes (Fan, Descendant, 2-way), Gramplet (Fan, Descendant & 2-way) & Reports (Fan & d3 Fan) all have different representations & options

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