Size of Media in Web Site "Media" tab

GrampsAIO64-5.1.2-1, Windows 10, Chrome Browser.

As I have images of various quality when some of them shown in the “Media” tab in the web site created from GRAMPS they are extremely grainy as that are shown much larger than the original image. Is there anyway to change the size of the images shown in the web site? I would like the images to show original size up to a certain size and then shrink them for anything over that size. Any suggestions?

Difficult to do as we can have many possible size.
For the moment, the only thing you can do is to select a max width smaller than 800 pixels.
but in this case, all images will have a max width set to this value.

When you create the narrative web, in the “image generation” tab, you can change the “max width of initial image”

Try to find image with a better definition.

Thanks. I have tried by reducing 800 x 600 to 200 x 150 and it worked fine. Now just want to test using different numbers to get the optimum result. 1 advantage of reducing the size is it also shows the media heading on the same screen without the need to scroll down.

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