Where can Gramps Data Model terms be searched?

The Gramps Data Model has a lot of terms in the diagram. Is there somewhere those terms can be searched to delve more deeply?

For instance, looking in the Persons block, one notes “parent_Family_list”. But if the term is googled : “parent_Family_list site:Gramps-Project.org”, then no useful results are returned.

In the get_schema of gramps.gen.lib.person, you can find:

                "parent_family_list": {"type": "array",
                                       "items": {"type": "string",
                                                 "maxLength": 50},
                                       "title": _("Parent families")},

But that cannot be googled & the term is not discoverable in the “Quick Search” of the Code Documentation either.

On the other hand, Gramps methods can be effectively found using the quick search in the Code Documentation:

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