Gramps and I have a small website for some family tree history. I have been looking at adding a to that website. There is no obvious Type for family history (yet). If anyone else added a to their website/html pages, what have they done for a schema?

My second question is whether any of the gramps functionality produces a output (preferably JSON-LD, but I’d be happy with anything), probably those that already produce html pages/ouput which might include information. I’d be happy to tailor something that is already produced, instead of starting from scratch.

I searched and also the gramps discourse list and didn’t find anything pertinent.


The first thing to do is to define a schema appropriate for genealogical data. I had a look at the site and the Person schema seems quite close to what is already recorded in Gramps, covering others areas not by default present in Gramps. Symmetrically, there are data in Gramps not in the Person schema, such as events or LDS ordinances.

To have an idea about what Gramps records, look at the JSON schema in directory gramps/gen/lib/. All files in there describe records and subrecords. Note that it takes some time to understand the structure.

Gramps can output a web “site” from its data. Marking up this output according to (or in the spirit of) can be done during HTML generation. The generator is located in directory gramps/plugins/webreport/. The start file is

You can then design a patch to add the markup. But, once again, the code is quite complex and needs some time to be fully understood. Personally, I find the output already cluttered with too many <div> and <span> nesting for my taste. Nevertheless, it works.

It looks like there is/was a proposal for this: Revisit Historical Info proposal (family history, genealogy etc.) · Issue #304 · schemaorg/schemaorg · GitHub

See also the penultimate paragraph in this older blog post: schema blog: SemTech, RDFa, Microdata and more...

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