When was the first Mac fork of Gramps released?

The landmarks in the Previous Release list identifies that 2.2.1 was the 1st Windows fork.

But there’s not a similar note for macOS. (And the original flavor of Linux was not noted in the 1st release in 2001. Amended that RedHat 7.X Linux system was the initial OS! If that designation is wrong, please say so.)

When was the 1st Mac compatible fork released?

Gramps 2.0.8 was added to MacPorts in 2006:


The ticket says it required a then-new version fo gnome to work. I wonder if that was the first cross-platform support. BTW, OSX 10.4 was then state-of-the-art!


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Thanks! It is good to have the added historical perspective in the release history.

With the web-hosted and recent Android posting, what do people think about expanding the list of supported platforms?

The Downloads page has had a lot of revision as the install process simplified over time.

CallMeDave posted to my wiki:user discussion page:
The first binary [*.DMG] was released by Emrys Williams for Gramps 3.1.2 back in 2009

Can you review the Mac compatibility FAQ answer which links to wiki page on installing for Mac OSX? It seems like the pages currently point to the hard way.