What is best practice to manage audio or video interviews in gramps

Let’s say I have audio mpeg file with the interview and I have a text transcription for this audio file. How should I put them in gramps?

I’d like the idea to put transcription as note for the audio file. But it contains timestamps and remarks and I want them to be different from main text. I’d like to have different fonts or font sizes or colors. But I don’t want to format huge text file manually. Is there any way to put note which is already formatted somewhere in another editor?

Other obvious option is to put audio file in gramps and put transcription in pdf or html format as another one document. But in this case these 2 documents not connected to each other and looks independent. On the other hand I can create one source and link both files to this source gallery.

I would appreciate you ideas or suggestions.

It depends in part on the extent to which you use the various features of Gramps, for example reports that include notes. Before spending time on formatting, try storing the transcript as a note and attach it in various places (source, citation, etc.) to see what serves you best.

You could also treat the interview as an event, having at least two participants (interviewer(s) and interviewee(s), plus any observers) so that it can be linked to people.

You can add the audio file to Gramps the same as you would add an image. The Media view is not for images/photos only.

The transcript can be added as a Note to the Media record. When you add the transcript as a note, check the Preformatted option (above the note’s Type box). This should keep your formatting.

An alternative is to add the PDF of the transcript to Gramps as its own Media record. Obviously, you cannot add one media object to another. In the Record of the audio file add a note and create a link to the PDF’s record. In this you have to options. Create the link to the PDF’s Gramps media record. To open it the link would open the media record and then you can open the PDF. Or you can create an Internet link that links to the PDF file on your hard drive.

Another option is to add the PDF as its own media record and add a Source/Citation “Transcript” to the audio file’s record with the PDF’s record added to the citation’s gallery tab.

Personally, I would opt using the transcript as a pure note record. You may have to tweak it using the Preformatted option to get to look correct.

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