Bulk import of media, documents, etc

Gramps 5.1.3
Mac OS Big Sur

I’ve imported my tree and added some Gramplets. Slowly figuring out the interface.

One thing that I have not yet been able to do is to import multiple images or documents. I am trying to separate this process from sourcing/citation. I want to attach them to sources and/or individuals as needed.

Is there a way to do this? Is there a plugin I’ve missed?
I had hoped this thread would have the answer but it did not seem to…

Or can I put them all in one folder and point Gramps to that folder? Is this what the Media Basepath does? I am simply trying to streamline the process. If I have to import everything one at a time I’ll be forced to find some other software I fear…

If all you want to do is add many images and documents (scans, pdf, etc) then…

First, set the base media path in Preferences. Menu Edit, Preferences. The base media path is the folder you anticipate storing all your Gramps media files. Point Gramps to this folder. You can have various sub-folders to organize your various types of media files.

Open the Media view within Gramps.

From your OS file manager, open a folder storing your media files. Select all of the files you want imported into Gramps. Then it is a simple matter to drag-n-drop the selected files and drop them into the Gramps’ Media view. A Gramps record will be created for each file.

The records will not be attached to any other record in Gramps and the record’s Title will just be the file’s name which you may want to edit. That will get all the files into Gramps in big batches.

You can do almost the same thing but add them directly to the relevant Gramps record; person, family, event, citation etc.

Instead of the d-n-d to the Media list view, you can d.n.d the relevant image file into a record’s Gallery tab. You can d.n.d Great-grandmother’s picture into the Galley tab of her Person Edit window. Or a scan of her Birth Certificate into either the Event’s Gallery tab of the Citation for that record.

Hope this helps.

That is what I was hoping. Unfortunately nothing happened at all…

I was able to drop a birth certificate into an individual’s event’s gallery tab. At least that part worked.
I was also able to drop a photo into an individual’s person edit window gallery tab.

Would kinda like that bulk drag-n-drop though :frowning:

There is a tool/addon that will also add all your media files in a batch import.

You will need to set your Base Media path in Preferences as detailed above.

The Tool is Media Verify and it is an addon that you must install. It does not come with the Gramps Install.

If you have not already installed the tool, open the Preferences’s General tab and go to Third party addons management

If you have never run this tool, all you need to do is click the box Check for updated addons now. You can select the tool and install.

If you have run this tool and did not select the tool to install, uncheck the Do not ask about previously notified addons.

The tool will scour the media path set in Preferences and all of its sub-directories and one of the categories it will find are files in the directory that have not yet been added to the Gramps Media records.

Note: I am on Win10 and the tool does find hidden files like thumbnail files which you would not want added. Not sure what it does on a Mac OS.

The Drag-n-Drop directly into the Media view list works on Win10. Strange that you can d-n-d into a Gallery though. Must be a peculiarity to the OS.

Try it again now that you actually have at least one record. It is into this list of records where you drop the files.

If it still does not work, the Media Verify tool should work for you.

Media Verify seems to do something, it at least finds things like duplicates, etc. But using ‘Fix’ doesn’t seem to actually change anything. Out of over 400 images, none were brought into Gramps.

Media Verify did do one thing though - it looked at images I had already drug into a few individuals and found them on my hard drive. But it didn’t find them in my Media folder, the one I set as the Basepath. It found them where they actually exist, in folders outside of the basepath.

I can’t tell if that is intentional or a bug…

Sorry. I had never tried to bulk import the extra images using Media Verify. Reread the entire wiki page for it and confirmed the Fix only applies for those entries where the image may have been moved or renamed.

Media verify only looks for files in the Base path set in Preferences. So it did not find the image that is stored somewhere else. If the tool had found the image in the base path, the tool would not have even listed the image in the report (unless there were other issue.).

If you now move that image into the path and run the tool, the Fix button will alter the path field to match the new location. The same for renaming. It uses the checksum to find renamed or moved files. Handy if you reorganize the sub-folder or naming routine for your files.

But that does not help the batch drag-n-drop into the Media View’s record list. Hopefully another Mac user can give us insight.

As a workaround, try this. You said you could d-n-d into a Gallery tab

Go to the event list and create an event. It does not matter what type of event. All you really want is the event’s Gallery tab. D-n-D a batch of media records into the Gallery. And when there is a batch of media records, delete the event record. This leaves behind the media records. I would not do all 400 records at once but maybe in batches of 50.

Good luck.

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OK, I think I found the problem. My Documents folder was connected to iCloud, a weird and frustrating thing to resolve. Basically I had to move everything to a completely different folder. After I did that and changed the basepath to match, my d-n-d into events works, even after deleting the event. So that’s one major hurdle done.

The Media tools still either get errors or don’t actually ‘fix’ anything. Not sure why still.

ALSO: Dragging files directly into the Media panel works. So it was the iCloud thing…

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