Visibility or Up/Down Left/Right Arrows

I use the YaruOK theme, font Ubuntu 12 because I find this particularly good from a visibility perspective. However the arrows are in light grey and only go marginally darker if the option is available. Is it possible to make these go black or another solid colour to highlight them.

Gramps 5.1.6
Ubuntu 22

Rather than make changes to Scrollbar definitions in the YaruOK theme itself, you might consider making your own custom sub-theme that is based on it. Then your tweaks can remain in the sub-theme and still allow the parent/base theme to evolve.

The YaruOK is in MATE themes on GitHub. Frieder_Saugschmerle posted an animated image of a cobbled together a dummy UI with the various widgets. That dummy UI permits CSS designers to testflight their tweaks in a theme.
A cross-between Yaru and TraditionalOk? Presenting Yaru ok -- Now ...

Maybe we should have a Gramps dummy Gramplet for Theme refrence?

Thanks Brian

I will have a look, CSS is not an area I have looked at much but will
give it a try, I try to stay with Gramps and themes in their standard
form but this one is bugging me

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Please keep us in the loop about your experiments.

There is a css folder in the Gramps User Directory. But it doesn’t seem to be used for anything. If the Themes addon was tweaked to scan that folder for available themes (and sort them), maybe it would be easier to tweak themes and share them across OSes.

Will do please do not hold your breath

Each tiny step inches us forward!

The Go Next and Previous icons are surprise, surprise… go-next and go-previous, go-up and go-down. These are Adwaita icons.

I am on a windows machine. All our internal Gramps icons are supplied to us in the All-in-One (AIO) install. I have no idea how this is handled for your Linux box. It would be easier to install another icon in their place. This may or may not affect other programs that use these icons.

The alternative is to hack the code to point to alternate icons.

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Which arrows and options?

I think that the 80% opaque in “transparentize” of the disable sections are not sufficient to differentiate. Maybe if it was dropped to a 0.5 (50%) value?

color: transparentize($scrollbar_slider_color, 0.8);

Around L2924 and L2934

Nick, Brian Dave

Please spend no more time on this I think Brian is on the correct line so I have joined the mate-community forum and asked the question.
This a an issue with the theme for me it highlights itself
In Event View, Bottom Bar with Gramplets on in my case Notes, top left of this bottom window are the left/right facing arrows previous/next
reverse/forward and it relates to the angle at which I am looking at this ie the extreme left of a 27" screen which is the left of a pair
I will get back you when I have a resolution



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