V5.2 is not for me

Just installed v5.2
Going to uninstall
everything on the screen is small
all images are very large in narrative web
alphabet index for surnames and places are vertical

You’re giving up too quickly.

There are probably options to address such items.

Let’s start small. By “everything on the screen is small”, do you mean the Font size? You can globally increase that with the Theme tab added to Preferences with the Themes addon. If you’re talking about the default window dimensions, you can resize them and that will be remembered.

There were lots of expansions to Narrative Web. Most of those have user options too.

:100: agree with this - it makes a big difference in the look and feel of the UI.

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Something new for 5.2, the Themes font re-sizing affects the baseline fontsize in Notes too. This makes Notes far friendlier for my weak eyes than 5.1.x was.

I no longer need to resize the every Note individually nor fix scaled sub-sections manually!

May this be related to that for 5.1.5 I had to use settings in windows to force the scaling to be done by application for it to not look blurry at 125% scaling in windows, but on 5.2 I didnt need to to that?

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v5.1.5 uses Bash (my modified version of Basic-Ash) to create the narrative-screen.css but v5.2 includes all of the css files that come with gramps (which I don’t use) and then complains (reports an error) about my version of another file that I don’t use


This is a copy from the HEAD of one of the files generated but the first three (3) CSS files are not in the directory stated, nor do they appear anywhere else on the drive

What good is the program if it doesn’t place an important CSS file (narrative-screen.css) in the appropriate directory, namely css

It seems to be a very stupid mistake

Apart from collecting and collating the genealogy information the main reason I use it is to produce the narrated web site

If the program doesn’t produce the files necessary correctly, then it is useless, why keep it

Have you seen Greg’s problems with CSS sheets in Narrative Web reports before?

The CSS files are copied correctly at the good place. Perhaps there is a problem elsewhere ?
Those files are copied at the end of the report.
The best way to fix this is to make a bug report.

A. there is no need to copy these files because they are not used in the finished product, they are only used to generate the three files that are missing

B. there shouldn’t be a bug report because this MISTAKE should have been picked up during development.
The three files that are missing are essential for the finished product to run correctly. Without them the program is useless.

What files are you speaking about ?
All those files are used.

I use this report since three years and had never seen your problem.

On what operating system gramps run ?
I think you have perhaps an installation problem which could explain all your problems.

the files I’m talking about are
these are only used to generate the file Narrative-screen.css, they are NOT required to run the finished product

Narrative-screen.css is not being generated by the program even though it is included in the HEAD of the finished files.

No. You can use them.
for exemple in firefox, you can change the theme for the current page.

I think you have an installation problem or you have a problem with your database.

I use this report since three years because I wrote it.

You didn’t answer to the question: What OS (Operating System) are you using ?
Do you have messages when you start gramps in a console ?
What is the content of the css directory ?

Yes, there are a lot of possible interactions with OS scaling, high-resolution monitor drivers, font families, which point size are available in those families, ClearType calibration, the Gtk interface toolkit and the differences between versions of the OSes.

But the choice of 9pt for a default font size is a bit odd. Base size is commonly 10pt or 12pt for web page design.

Part of that might stem from the “design for 800x600” legacy specification.

I agree, it being 9 by standard is too small.

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As things stand right now, I think the Narrated Web Report may force me to revert to version 5.1.6.

I was able to resolve the first problem I had with Narrated Web Report by looking at the source code and tracking down that I needed to install python3-icu. However, I have now encountered a problem that I don’t know where to start other than submitting a bug report (ID 0013216).
While I like the idea of an updates page, I question the practicality of doing it (what is the basis for what changes have been made), and wonder why I can’t find an option to omit it.

Another problem is that the generation of media pages seems to take longer every time a new release comes out. The last report I did with 5.1.6 had 18074 media objects and took nearly 24 hours to complete. I made my first attempt to generate a report with 5.2 this weekend. It included 18147 media objects and it took nearly 36 hours before the error occurred generating the Updates page. It only took about 35 minutes to get the same error after I turned off “Include images and media objects”.

I have been making both Narrated Web Report and Dynamic Web Report available on my website. I will attempt to generate a Dynamic Web Report with version 5.2 next. If it succeeds, I may just stop using the Narrated Web Report until it can be fixed and only provide the Dynamic Web Report. If it fails, I will have to revert to 5.1.6.

Allen Crider

unselect “include the news and updates pages”

Is the following package installed?
python-imaging or python-pillow or python3-pillow
This is necessary to have better performance when we use images.
By default, we need to load the image with Gdk to know the size of the image.
Using the imaging module is faster.

python3-pil is installed. I can’t find any of the packages you named
for Kubuntu 23.10, although I did find python3-willow.

Also install the package python3-imagesize for better performance.

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