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Is there a (documented) way to delete superfluous user account requests? One of my cousins (repeatedly) fat fingered his account request and I now have three extra ones. I hav disabled them, but I want to delete them. TIA!

Update: If you are an advanced user with SQL experience, you can use the sqlite3 command line to open the User database and remove the errant entries:

delete from Users where where name='user-name-goes-here';

This is a PERMANENT change in the backend – do NOT do this without making a backup of the backend user database!


on the command line, yes. See at the bottom here: User system - Gramps Web

Second option is to send a DELETE request to /api/users/ manually, see here Manual queries - Gramps Web

The reason there is no convenient way is that I’m scared to make it too easy :wink:

Please, don’t be to scared to make Gramps Web too easy to use: it can became a leading tool in genealogy if only it could be a litte more user firenldy (currently it is really hard to work with compared to other solutions). Let me know if I can help.

The “too easy” he’s trying to avoid is not about “use”, it is about “deleting”. We do not want accidental mass deleting of users.

Everyone wants Gramps Web easier to use. And if you can help, please do.

Deleting users is a basic use case for site administrators, that should therefore be easy to carry out. There is plenty of methods to avoid accidental deletion, i.e. asking for the administrator password for each operation.

@lucaberti I agree with everything you say, but still there is work that somebody needs to do. For instance, for the “delete all” operation I recently implemented, I did implement the administrator password check, but it’s not just about introducing a dialog in the frontend, it’s also about introducing the concept of token freshness in the API.

So by saying I was scared to make it too easy, what I meant is that it would be bad to offer a delete button without any safety measure, and the safety measure still needed to be implemented.

In any case, thanks a lot for offering your help, there are many UX issues that need improving, let’s discuss how to best solve them.

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@DavidMStraub I totally understand the difficulty to bring forward a project while doing other things in life. So, first and foremost: thank you for keeping this project going. I really think Gramps has a big future ahead, and this is also why I want to help in some way. :slight_smile: