User management

Is there a (documented) way to delete superfluous user account requests? One of my cousins (repeatedly) fat fingered his account request and I now have three extra ones. I hav disabled them, but I want to delete them. TIA!

Update: If you are an advanced user with SQL experience, you can use the sqlite3 command line to open the User database and remove the errant entries:

delete from Users where where name='user-name-goes-here';

This is a PERMANENT change in the backend ā€“ do NOT do this without making a backup of the backend user database!


on the command line, yes. See at the bottom here: User system - Gramps Web

Second option is to send a DELETE request to /api/users/ manually, see here Manual queries - Gramps Web

The reason there is no convenient way is that Iā€™m scared to make it too easy :wink: