Topola Viewer PNG download missing images

Gramps 5.1.6
Fedora 38

When I use Tools/Analysis and Exploration/Interactive Family Tree … I get the Topola Genealogy Viewer in a Firefox tab and it looks OK.
Then I search for a person in Topola and also I get the right person and it looks fine.
When I download a PNG-file then some person images are missing.
How can this be fixed?
My default browser if Firefox.

@PeWu Flagging this question for your attention.

Gramps is just one of several frameworks that Topola leverages. So he doesn’t actively monitor our forum. Questions about Topola will get more immediate response on his GitHub Topola Viewer repository. But if you don’t have a GitHub account, we can relay comments.

OK … thanks.
I have a GitHub account so I will continue there.

Great! The tag in my response should bring this subject to his attention. (The Discourse forum software can relay the message when you tag someone.)

Hi, thanks for the report. The issue is now open on GitHub here: Images are missing in exported PNG-file · Issue #161 · PeWu/topola-viewer · GitHub
I couldn’t reproduce the problem though. I’d be grateful for help with reproducing it.

BTW, I don’t actively monitor this forum but I got notified by email of @emyoulation mentioning me here :slight_smile:



I found what caused the problem … these files were large > 35 MB
When I shrinked them it worked OK … also the time to export them went down drastically.

Thanks for your support and this case can now be closed.

Have a Nice Day !!!

Elsewhere in Gramps, developers apply the thumbnails (which are automatically generated & cached then served instead of the Full image) to the on-screen charts and other views. It was to improve performance and reduce overhead.

Since Gramps generates 2 sizes of thumbnails and the default is the small one, some users with hi-res screens (or for printing/publishing purposes) hack the chart to use the larger thumbnail. And others hack to use the original image. So these thumbnailing options might be reasonable for feeding Topola.