Title Placement of Photographs

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I am now at the point of printing individual reports for records that I know are near complete. The report I am seeking help on is Complete Individual Report.

The layout of the image title above the image is confusing, particularly when the page break leaves the title on the preceding page and the is unaccompanied by a title on the next page.

My question is seeking an answer on how to move the title below the image.

Thanking you in anticipation of a solution.


Interesting. The sample I just generated didn’t have ANY captioning… even after specifically editing the media to add a ‘title’ value.

That particular case was a single main portrait referenced from the Media tab in the Person Editor.

How are these Media objects attached to your records?

Thanks, I open the Gallery Tab of the target person and then add media via the “+” and then save.

There are two sections for media in the CIR. The default picture is displayed next to the name. The Title is not displayed.

Any other pictures from the person Gallery are added to the Images section. Here the Title is displayed above the images. What @BMS is describing is the Title is displayed on one page while the picture gets displayed on the next. Gramps does not have a “Keep Together” function.

His solution is to try putting the Title below the image which would automatically keep the information together.

One problem. Below the image is where any media reference attributes are displayed. I know this because I use the attribute on tagged images as a caption on images of grouped people identifying the person I have isolated.

Possible solution: put the Title below the image and the attributes below the title . ??

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Just to be absolutely clear, I save my media by brief description eg Fred Smith 1950.JPG this is the title I am referring to. In the report this is placed above the image and NOT below, as we are accustomed to reading photo captions in newspapers etc.

To me, it makes more sense to use the same protocol. Or, am I missing something, where a separate title is given to the image and displayed below and the file name is not displayed. I hope this has not confused the request.

At the end of the day I want to have the image description below the image and when a page break occurs, the image and caption text are kept together.


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