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When listing “People” I would find it very helpful to add a column showing the spouse of the people in the list.

Each view has a Configure icon. In a list view, you can select the columns and set their order by drag-n-drop.

The Spouse column is a Config option for the People View.

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Thank you so much. I’ve been using Gramps for years and didn’t know that was there.


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As I posted. Each view has a Configure Icon. Check it out in each of the views. For the non list views, there are other configuration options.

Glad you asked.

When I checked the uploaded dialogs on the Wiki to cross-reference here, the file that was listed as being the PersonConfig was actually the PlaceConfig. That has been corrected.

Hi, this topic has triggered a request. Would it be possible to add “Title” in the people view column set up. I have a lot of people with Rev, Sir etc and it would be very helpful to be able to list them.

You can add the person’s Title to the Name display. Surname, Given, Suffix, Title. Or if you display the name Title Given Surname, Suffix (my choice) then you can override the default sort in the Name Editor so the Title does not disrupt the name sort. If you override the display name default to add the Title, this option will apply for that person in all instances.

I can put Rev etc in the title box, that’s fine but in the names editor the “display as” and “sort as” dropdowns don’t list title. That’s not actually what I wanted anyway. In the people page we have name,id,gender, birth date etc and I would like to have the option of puting title as a header. Its not listed in the view\configure table. Could it be added?
Regards, Geoff

You can select how you want a name to display in Preferences (Edit menu >> Preferences >> Display tab). In the Display Name Editor, you can select a pre-configured option or make your own. The option you select here becomes the default display and sort.

To create an option, all you need to do is type in the field that you want displayed. Putting the field in all caps will make that portion of the name all caps. An example of the output will be created. And you can edit your display option if it is not quite right.

You can create other options which then become available in the Name Editor and as a display override in some reports.

My Preferences setting is Title Given "Nickname" Surname, Suffix When I actually have a name with a Title, I override their default sort with Given Surname, Suffix, Title

name display

I added colorization to highlight people with titles.

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