Tabular View of "Given Name", "Surname" and "Suffix" fields

becuase my family tree is made up of GEDCOM files from many different sources there is a mixture of content in the “Given Name”, “Family Name” and “Suffix” fields i.e. sometimes the surname is actually in the forename etc.

Is there an easy way to see the various component parts of the overall name so I can visually identify where the wrong data is in the wrong field?

The simple answer is no. But you can set the way the name is displayed to tell you what is in which field.

Go to Edit >> Preferences >> Display tab

You will want to Edit the way the name is displayed by Adding a new option.

Title / Given / Prefix / RawSurnames / Suffix

This will display all of the common fields (you can add or delete fields) separated by the slash so you see which information is in which field. To further isolate a field if you spell the field in all UPPERCASE the display will do likewise.

An alternative is to set the display to only one field at a time.

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